Arrears Management

What do you do when your tenant decides to stop paying their rent?

A property manager will use a multitude of actions to bring your tenant into line.  They include but are not limited to – texts, calling, issuing a breach notice, dropping a note in the letterbox, contacting all adults living at the property, contacting the emergency contact listed on the application form and arranging a payment plan.

And then of course, if the tenant continues to default on their rent, a breach notice is issued followed by a court application to evict (attending court and evicting tenant if necessary).


A property manager’s interests are acutely in line with that of their landlord clients ie: if you are not getting paid then your property manager is most likely not getting paid either, so there is a definite commitment to collect rent arrears

Your property manager will use their experience on a daily basis to get your tenant to pay. Right from the start of the tenancy a tenant is typically required to fill out an application form. They are on notice that if they cannot pay their rent, they must contact the office prior to the due date to avoid appearing on the arrears list. They are usually advised that if they do not pay their rent, their property manager will be making every effort to contact them to get the rent. This fore-warning in itself sets the standard.

If you have a difficult tenant and need help with arrears management – contact us today.

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