Managing Rentals

Can You Keep A Cool Head?

Managing a difficult tenant can make you lose your cool and when that happens it’s time to walk away.

Reality TV shows, and online discussion forums are full of real life landlord woes managing their rental properties. Tenants can push landlords over the edge and seemingly get away with it.

Of course there are two sides to everything however more times than not it seems the system (RTA and Tribunal) sides mostly with the tenant at the expense of the Landlord.

Property Management requires a cool head. It’s easier to remain cool when you’re less attached to business of managing rental properties.

Landlords who manage their own rental properties really are a special breed. It really isn’t for everyone. They know when to switch gears to a keep their emotions in check even in the most trying of situations.

There are many incidences that can raise the temperature of a Landlord.

  • Late payment of rent or no payment at all. This comes in at number one as it clearly hurts the landlord in his or her pocket. Property deals often run close to the line and missed rent payments by the tenant can have a knock on effect with the landlord struggling to met his own payment obligations e.g the mortgage.
  • Damage to the property. A tenant causing damage to the property by accident or otherwise will also get the heart racing especially if the tenant is nonchalant about it.
  • Tenant eviction. Removing a tenant from a property can test even the best of us. Often this just doesn’t go to plan with the tenant refusing to leave the property. When they eventually do leave they often fail to take their mess with them or they decide to take what is not theirs.

Stake Property Rentals say:

“Many of our clients have managed their own properties at some time. As the saying goes ‘it all goes well until it doesn’t’. We are used to managing properties that may have had a checkered past with poorly behaved tenants. The rot can and does stop once we’re on board.”

Stake Property Rental’s catch line sums it up nicely……